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to begin february 11. >> overseas, the u.s. embassy in turkey attacked this morning the white house calling it a terrorist act. a suicide bomber struck just outside of the gate, killing a guard. suzanne kennedy is monitoring the story from the satellite center. >> turkish authorities are looking into whether this was in retaliation for the arrest of dozens of alleged terrorists. the attack could have been far worse, but the attacker was not able to get past the initial checkpoint. the explosion went off at 1:15 local time at the u.s. embassy. two people were killed, at the suicide bomber and the turkish guard. preliminary indication is that it was connected with a left- wing militant group. turkish authorities were quick to condemn the>> these are against peace and welfare of our country. we will stand tall, stay together, and overcome this. >> it took place inside of the security checkpoint, at a side entrance to the building. ambulances swarmed the area as the police presence was stepped up. the guard was killed was standing outside of the checkpoint, while the two who were wounded or mor
. >> john brennan is facing tough questions about the u.s. drone program. he is the nominee to head the cia and his hearing comes at a time when the white house is facing criticism for its droned policy. as the counter as and chief, he was a big force behind those strikes. coming up, what brennan had to say about the strikes and what the -- what brought the hearing to a grinding halt. >> the man accused of trying to blow up a bank has pleaded guilty to terrorism charges. he was charged in october for his attempted plot but was actually an fbi sting operation. investigators say he drove a truck with what he thought were explosive to the entrance of the bank and try to detonate the bomb. he could get life in prison. >> a judge stood his ground today, denying the public access to a hearing which could have major consequences for the man convicted of killing changdra levy. stephen tschida has breaking developments on this. >> what ever this information is that has surfaced, we know that it is significant. ingmar guandique is back tonight. he was in the courtroom today. gone is the energetic you
for women on parole. women today were scattered around the city when u.s. marshals but the group,'s belongings out on minnesota avenue. -- put the group home's belongings out on minnesota avenue. >> we had an agreement with the landlord to move, anti via -- and he violated the agreement. >> the program is called "way of the word." she helps the team women working to get their lives together. >> i called, and i said we were evicted. i do not have a place to stay. i was getting my life together. this is a setback now. i do not know what is the next step. >> dc's federally funded program contract with the group that agreed to house the women. the landlord is not apologizing for this eviction. >> she has not paid any read on this building since august. she is in arrears since august 2012. which is this an heartening knowing all the money the federal government provides to house these people. >> it really does not have to happen like this. >> obviously, questions will need to be answered about what happened here. the group home was able to remove all of its property. we spoke with a
delivery. steve has more on the reaction to this change. >> it was a very long battle. the u.s. postal service has already cut thousands of jobs and consolidated rail sites across the country. >> i don't get much mail on saturday anyway, so i don't see a difference for me personally. >> it was a much more common response in our informal polling of coastal customers than this. -- of postal customers. starting in august, mail will still be delivered on saturday to post office boxes, and packages will still be delivered. you just will not see this first-class service door to door. it has some customers worried about the bigger picture. >> it will not affect me personally but overall it will affect other people, and mainly jobs for people. >> the unions representing postal workers don't like it. the national association of letter carriers calling it a disastrous idea. postal service executives cannot tech -- cannot save the postal service by tearing it apart. >> this announcement today is just one part of a much larger strategy to return the postal service to long-term financial stability.
and experts to discuss detection and prevention of women's cancers. >> the u.s. postal service issued a stamp on rosa parks's 100 birthday. it bears an artist's rendering of a 1950's photo. >> see what's coming up tonight on abc 7 news that six. gordon peterson has a look. >> ravens fans are showing off their purple pride a day after the ravens win the super bowl. defense contractors and members of congress prepare for defense sequestration. the huge cuts will have a mighty impact around here. also, the hostage situation involving the little boy is over in alabama. we will update the story. maureen and i will see you in a few minutes. >> first, let's get another check on the weather situation and the snow we can expect later. >> right now outside the belfort to furniture weather center in arlington, some high clouds moving in. cloudiness continuing to bring in a little sunshine, but the snow is still well off to the west, but it's making the move towards the metro area. very light snow coming in very dry. a winter weather and advisory posted for frederick, washington in maryland and points we
. the centers for disease control analyze data from 2007 to 2010 and found adults in the u.s. on average get 11% of their daily calories from fast food. that is down from nearly 13% in 2006. the report revealed african- american adults eat more than that white americans and hispanics. >> food for thought. let's see what's coming up at 6:00. >> gordon peterson is live in the user with a look ahead. >> tonight, we have an update on an exclusive abc seven investigation at the d.c. fire training academy, cadets have accused members of sexual- harassment. gramm iscil member jim finding against a possible reprimand tied to of this conduct investigation. a misconduct investigation. >> we will see you then. a new jersey family is hoping to rise above any future flooding problems, literally. this family's home was damaged by a superstar miss at the last october. the family had to temporarily leave the home -- super store sandy last october. they decided to raise their home some 12 feet. >> i've decided to get back in the house. i can't wait to see it go up and not worry about nor'easters, hurricanes, or
will not be testifying under oath with the u.s. anti-doping agency official. the agency wants them to tell -- want him to tell them everything he knows about doping. armstrong's lawyer says he declines to take part in a process that he "is designed to demonize selected individuals." >> it is a new rule designed to protect cyclists. >> and this could impact everyone in the district. >> a couple of politicians at the wilson building behind me -- if they have their way, if drivers' violate those biplanes but -- those bike lanes, they may face fines that are double a speeding ticket. the sheriff's deputies experience. you have gotten hit? >> yes. >> how does that happen? >> they do not pay attention. >> collisions between bikers and drivers are becoming more and more likely. it is prompting some lawmakers to act to protect bikers'. the dmv would be required to start testing drivers on their knowledge of sharing the roadway with bikers, and drivers who fail to yield the roadway would face a hefty two under $50 fine. and even of biker who was struck thinks it is a little too much. >> i do not think it shoul
fall. is 200-affecting 270,000 vehicles in the u.s. >> bad delays around 294 southbound. there will continue on to 95 southbound. a serious accident causing those delays. it will be a while before things start to thin out. also on rove 50, the accident blocking the left lane. traveling the inner loop we're seeing the delays around the american legion bridge. outer lip delays as well. -- loop delays as well. and delays toward germantown. wethat is the latest. back to you. >> the mystery begins toon "zero hour." >> [indiscernible] a flawed one at that. >> "zero hour" for mairs at 8:00 p.m. followed by "grey's anatomy." we are back at 11:00 p.m. a steamy video, some talk of romance. it may be working. >> as high-school gheit -- guy falls for a high school witch. >> the >> there are two love stories in the theater this valentine's day. >> the best new movie is "beautiful creatures," a love story between a high school boy and a beautiful witch. >> providing the southern gothic. -- reviving the southern gothic. she is a witch. and at the age where fate mixer good or bad. vi
unavailing tomorrow at the u.s. capitol. the story is coming up on abc 7 news. >> organic versus frozen. >> buying organic food is getting more popular. >> the question is -- is organic really any better for you? we are on your side organic versus frozen foods. >> there was frozen food invented in 1923. the>> if you go to my house right now, i am a single man. >> and then there is fresh organic food. >> this is our most popular juice. >> it is an organic mail delivery service that also has carried out. >> feel better, have more energy. clucks is organic -- if organic is too pricey, are you missing out on good nutrients? >> we have no proof of that. >> a through our clinical research, we have yet to see the value of paying more for those types of food. >> nutrient per nutria, they are virtually the same. -- nutrient, they're virtually the same. take regular and organic spinach, the organic is $1.10 more. same nutrients but the organic is $1.10 more. green beans, the same nutritional make, but organic is 30 cents more. many people choose to buy organic because it is supposed to be free of
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9